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About Us

At Berness, we strive to bring high end, quality goods to fashion-conscious female customers at an affordable rate. Our brand focuses on curating the most in trend styles and predicting which styles will flourish in seasons to come. Combining our sensitivity to the market and knowledge in regards to manufacturing - we have, in a relatively short period of time come to garner a unique sense of style exclusive to Berness and the wholesale industry.


By keeping up with the latest trends we have formed relationships in regards to manufacturing and production that are unrivaled in terms of shipping and distribution. Not only do we use these means as an extremely efficient way in which to receive products but also to provide outsourcing to companies that desire the same satisfaction. More so, by taking the responsibility of manufacturing we lessen the burden on newly formed retail-based businesses allowing them to focus entirely on building their brand. With the same care and attention to detail we ensure in our brand we extend to all retailers alike.